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Witchetaw Tribal Court System

The Witchetaw Tribal Court System consists of two separate courts, the Witchetaw Criminal and Civil Court For Diversity Of Citizenship and the Witchetaw Tribal Courts. The Witchetaw  Constitution and Sovereign Articles  provides that all judicial review powers of the Witchetaw Tribes  shall be vested in the Council of Elders, and in such subordinate commissions and/or courts as the Tribal Council may from time to time ordain and establish. The  Witchetaw Moor Tribal Courts has exclusive jurisdiction in matter of  the Tribe over any type of dispute, civil and criminal  that arises out of or is related to the Diversity of Citizenship  between the Tribe and US Citizens.

The Witchetaw Moor Tribal Court, established by the Tribal Council  per treaty 8 Stat 484 Between Morocco And United States of America  Choice of Law Clause In Article 21 English Translation of 1786, Agreed to Foreign Law to determine Jurisdiction. is a Treaty court of Diversity of Citizenship , which may be exercised in any area  over which the Tribal Council has given it authority to act.

Both the Witchetaw Judicial Court Of  Record and the Witchetaw Tribal Court have two levels, a Trial Court and a Court of Appeals. For the Witchetaw Moor Tribal Court, however, the articles and provisions of Treaties 8 Stat. 484 and 7 Stat. 474 provides for a final review of Court decisions by the Council of Elders.

Witchetaw Tribal Law And Treaty Courts

Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure

Rules of Appellate Procedure