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Witchetaw Department of Transportation:

Our Department of Transportation  Motor Division deals with Issuing Plates for automobiles,  titling and registering of vehicles, boats, outboard motors,

manufactured homes, travel trailers and commercial trailers Contact The Witchetaw Motor Division at (302)-216-0170 .

Please be advised the State of Witchetaw utilizes International Road Traffic Conventions network  of State and Foreign State legal comity and reciprocity.

Many forms relating to vehicle/boat/motor titling and registration are available for downloading from the Motor Division Forms page on this site.

For driver license and International Road Traffic  information, please contact the Witchetaw Department of Public Safety  at (202)- 656-7944


Witchetaw Passport Agency: 

Our Passport Agency Issues Treaty Passports in accordance to Treaties and Conventions For more information please contact the

Witchetaw  Passport Agency at (202)-656-7944  


Witchetaw Police Department: 

Witchetaw Police Department  are to enforce the protection and safeguard for  Witchetaw Nations. Tribes and Associates and

work in reciprocity with states and foreign states abroard  in legal comity. Contact Witchetaw Police Department at (302)-216-0170


Witchetaw Enrollment Department: 

Our Enrollment Department have recordations to Enrollees  and  Tribal Members that are duly part of the Witchetaw

Nations. As Keepers of the Roll Archives from 1835-1900 Reunification to our tribal rolls of interested parties contact us at (302) 216-0170.