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Wati Keon (Greetings)

Welcome To The Witchetaw Nations Government Portal Website.


Our Government

The  Witchetaw Nations is a sovereign, Indigenous Nation, with its own Sovereign Articles and government. Not only does the Tribes, Clans and Associations govern itself, but many Tribal administrative departments oversee the everyday function of the settlements and provide for Tribal members. While the best-known Witchetaw Nations Community Trust  also owns and operates a number of other enterprises that benefit both the Tribe and the community at large.

Understanding the Witchetaw Nations Way

 Honor Those That Kept The Sacred Way of Solidarity, Witchetaw  Chief Tahdaydy  sought to maintain his nation’s sovereignty. President Andrew Jackson sent: "To All and Singular whom These present Shall Come Whereas A Treaty Was Made and Concluded between The United States Of America  and The Comanche And Witchetaw Nations....."  , he chose a path of cooperation, rather than conflict —  thus retinue the Witchetaw Nations  Way.

Since that time, the Witchetaw's Way has been passed down to each generation. Today, it means that we continue to live and work cooperatively both within the Tribe and with the non-Indigenous community.

Witchetaw Tribal Government

As a sovereign nation, the Witchetaw nations has its own governmental structure and the power to govern itself within guidelines set by the Treaty between The Witchetaw Nations and The United States . The Witchetaw Nation's Tribal Constitution provides that the Tribe shall be governed by a Tribal Council consisting of nine tribal members, and a Council Of Elders, consisting of seven tribal members. All legislative and executive powers of the Tribe not granted to the Council of Elders are vested with the Tribal Council. The Council of Elders oversees judicial matters and the Tribe's cultural integrity. The Council of Elders also exercises legislative powers with respect to tribal inheritance and enrollment. The Tribal Courts adjudicates on all civil and criminal matters.


Cultural Outreach

Outreach activities involve members of the Cultural and Community Programs department and other Tribal members in bringing Witchetaw culture to a wider audience. Activities include teaching Witchetaw history, storytelling, dance demonstrations and bringing Witchetaw culture to life via presentations of Tribal artifacts and their significance. Outreach programs bring Witchetaw educators to schools, community and senior centers, camps and local festivals.

Public Events

Wigwam Festival 

The major cultural event for the Tribe is the annual Wigwam Festival, held the third weekend in August. The event includes native dance exhibitions, Indigenous art exhibits, native craft vendors, traditional native food vendors, contemporary native performers and old style Pow Wow drumming.

Public venues

Visitors can experience Indigenous dancing, drumming, flute playing, singing and storytelling at parades and fairs throughout Witchetaw Settlements.

Educational program

The Witchetaw Tribe’s educational outreach program takes Tribal members to schools and community centers. Interested groups can request speakers and performers for a free, one-hour program. The program may include a Tribal welcome ceremony, woodland flute performance, Indian artifact exhibits, storytelling, Witchetaw history lecture, dance exhibitions and interactive dance participation and a question and answer session.

Welcome/Opening Ceremonies

Witchetaw culture has been woven into the opening ceremonies for Witchetaw Community  and other Tribal buildings and programs. Conventions held at  Witchetaw Settlements can reserve a traditional opening ceremony for their events. The ceremony may include a welcoming ceremony, opening prayer and blessing, drumming and singing and a flute performance. 

Tribal Member Events

The community outreach program provides many ways for Tribal members to learn more about and participate in traditional ceremonies, crafts and arts. Classes include instruction in Witchetaw language, drumming and singing, dancing or flute. Events include the annual Witchetaw Intertribal Social, homecoming ceremony, naming ceremony, cultural week and the LongHouse Festival.

To contact the Witchetaw Tribe about Cultural Outreach opportunities, Visit Our Contact Us Page.

NOTE:"When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation." DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE

Pursuant to Witchetaw Nations, Tribes,Clans, Associations and Constituents of Alliances Have preserved Our Allegience by inheritance pursuant to Treaty 9 Statute 922; TS 207; 9 Bevans 791